The Wedding of Ami Fritz has become one of the great folk festivals. It was started in 1973, but the characters are over a century and a half old, born in the imagination of the writers from Moselle, Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian.

The tale told by these two writers is a popular epic of old Alsace where the hero, Fritz Kobus, a bourgeois and bachelor stuck in his comfortable old ways, spends most of his time living it up with his friends, who include Rabbi David Sichel. The Rabbi has bet the landlord's best plot of vineyards that Fritz will one day succomb to love. Finally, Ami Fritz falls for the charms of pretty Suzel, the daughter of his farm labourer, and weds her.

  • French, German, alsacian


Tarifs à la semaine

  • Gratuit


Du 14/08/24 au 15/08/24
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1 place du Maréchal Leclerc 67520 Marlenheim


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