For its second edition, the association Les Géants
du Nideck (The Nideck Giants) has invited six
sculptors renowned worldwide to work alongside
French sculptor Antoine Poncet.
Antoine Poncet was the disciple of Germaine
Richier and Ossip Zadkine and in 1951, he met
Brancusi and Henri Laurens.
The year 1952 marked the most important
moment in his artistic life, when he met Jean Hans
Arp and became his friend and collaborator.
« The stones I saw in Poncet’s studio are stones
that have appeared out of a dream. The attrac
tive force between joy and nature helped him
create these stones. Dreams are inspired by the
infinity of nature. Dreams are inspired by what
lies behind nature’s secrets».

Jean Hans Arp, February 1955
Jean Hans Arp has dedicated his work to nature.
By inviting seven sculptors 50 years later to create
a work that will be installed in the forest, we have
found a way to pay tribute to him. In harmony
with the path of “Bois-Baron” in Wangenbourg,
the personal exploration of the artists reflect the
rich variety of local geology : sansstone, granite,
marble, porphyry, rhyolite and slate. The main
element of the procedure is installing the works in
the forest. The aim is to return materials to their
original roots and create a contemporary artistic
heritage that will go on into the future.


67710 Wangenbourg Engenthal